ACP Fish – Regional Monitoring Workshops for Eastern Africa Region

€ 150.000 - € 200.000
Country: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda

Contract Description

Three workshops in total were organized in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda between December 2011 till September 2013. The whole project was extended for more than a year with the relevant Addendum Note.

T&T EXECUTIVE had full and exclusive responsibility for the organization of all logistics and administration support, which included:

  • Airline reservations and ticketing
  • Visa Assistance
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Rental and setting up of the conference room
  • Arrangements for Audiovisual equipment
  • Hiring of interpreters and rental of interpretation booths
  • Preparation of conference material
  • Organizing catering services for the total duration of each workshop
  • Media Awareness and Support
  • Organization of a Press Conference
  • Organization of visibility of last workshop through Social Media
  • Payment of per diem allowances
  • Closing Project Cocktail Arrangements

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