Experts Workshop Methodological Advise for Assessing Impact in Developing Countries, in the Framework of the European Commission Impact Assessment Process

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Country: Brussels

Contract Description

The EU is at the forefront of the concept of the Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) aiming to prevent inconsistencies between non aid policies of the EU and its development goals. The EU focuses its PCD in twelve policy areas which are grouped under five global development challenges: Trade and Finance, Climate Change, Global Food Security, Migration, Security and Development.

The European Commission assesses the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of a policy proposal through EU Impact Assessments (IAs). Internal Commission experts and external stakeholders contribute into the analysis of the Impact Assessments. The IAs should therefore evaluate the need or not of policy action at EU level. The Impact Assessment Guidelines are reviewed regularly in order to improve the analysis of the impact EU policies have on developing countries.

The objective of this workshop was to indicate which sections of the Guidelines should be amended and to provide an extension to the Technical Annex where the amendments are further developed.

The workshop took place in DG DEVCO offices in Brussels at the end of 20th of November 2013.

Tasks organized by T&T Executive SA included the following:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Management and payment of daily allowance
  • Technical event kits
  • Speakers payments
  • Note taking
  • Hotel reservation & payment
  • Provide catering services to DEVCO participants and speakers

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