Enhancing IPAs websites and marketing tools according to GIBP reports – Intervention Swaziland, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia – COMESA-RIA Regional Workshop

€ 200.000 - € 250.000
Country: Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Swaziland

Contract Description

Our task was to organize four Capacity Building Workshops and website launches in Swaziland, Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia respectively and one Regional Workshop in Cairo. Services requested were the administration and logistic support of all workshops in close cooperation with local IPAs and COMESA-RIA.

T&T’s specific objective on this project, was to provide the appropriate logistical support for all five events that were all organized in Swaziland, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt and included the following:

  • Invitations preparation and mail
  • out to approved list of participants
  • Payment of daily allowances to sponsored participants
  • Preparation of name badges, name plates and conference kits for all participants
  • Provision of hostesses/stewards
  • Provision of a photographer
  • Venue rental per country
  • Renting of appropriate conference equipment and assistance
  • Catering Services
  • Printing of conference material
  • Media Awareness and publicity

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