Logistic Support to the Mobilisation of External Ressource Persons Participating in Seminars & Technical Workshops

€ 75.000 - € 100.000
Country: Belgium, Turkmenistan

Contract Description

In the framework of its bilateral and regional cooperation with Turkmenistan, the European Commission will invite Turkmen representatives in Brussels to take part in a series of evaluation committee meetings and study visits as follows. The time schedule below is tentative:

  1. Public Finance and Management Reform III: Tender evaluation committee meeting in the first trimester of 2015
  2. Agriculture and Rural Development in Turkmenistan Phase III: Tender evaluation committee meeting in 2015
  3. Support to the Education Sector: Tender evaluation committee meeting in 2015
  4. Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan: Tender evaluation committee meeting in 2015
  5. Two study visits one in 2015 and one in 2016

As there is no EU Delegation in Turkmenistan, the European Commission has regular meetings with relevant Turkmen authorities which take place in Turkmenistan via EC staff missions in the country.

The objective of this assignment is to facilitate the participation of Turkmen representatives in the meetings held in Brussels and to provide assistance in the form of interpretation and translation services, for the meetings with Turkmen stakeholders to be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

For the meetings and study visits held in Brussels a total of 14 participants will travel from Turkmenistan. For the meetings of EC staff in Ashgabat interpretation will be needed for a total of 32 days for the duration of the project.

T&T’s specific objective is to provide logistical support to the meetings held in Brussels and in Ashgabat and include the following:

  • Travel arrangements to all sponsored Turkmen representatives
  • Visa assistance and reimbursement
  • Payment of daily allowances
  • Hotel reservations and payments
  • Interpreters
  • Translation services

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