Support to National Representatives of 25 LECB Countries in Defining INDC with NAMAS and LEDS as starting points

€ 100.000 - € 150.000
Country: Germany

Contract Description

As a part of the agreed outcome of the Bali Action Plan, developing country Parties will propose Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the context of sustainable development In line with climate-friendly growth pathways or action plans, several countries are now also beginning to consider and prepare for more comprehensive, integrated climate change strategies such as "Low-emission development strategies" (LEDS). At the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, governments have agreed to communicate their respective Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) towards the universal agreement well in advance of the meeting in Paris in 2015. Furthermore the Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme, supported by the European Commission, can logically serve as an established platform to support preparation of INDCs in addition to its current support of the preparation on NAMA and LEDS.
The LECB Programme is a global climate mitigation programme contributing to a Low Carbon economy. The Programme currently supports 25 countries1 and helps to build the public -and private- sector capacities needed to scale up country-driven climate-change mitigation actions.

This project’s objective’s are:

  • To support national representatives from least developing and middle income countries to attend pre-COP meetings with the aim to further diffuse the information inside their ministries and toward different national stakeholders.
  • To Organize an INDC information exchange and capacity building meeting among LECB participating countries to support the development of INDCs for submission to the UNFCCC.

In this light, participants from LECB countries will be supported to attend two events:

  • The INDC Global meeting, in Berlin during April 2015
  • The Subsidiary Body for Implementation event in Bonn during June 2015

T&T’s specific objective is to provide logistical support to the meetings held in Berlin and Bonn and include the following:

  • Travel arrangements to all sponsored representatives
  • Visa assistance and reimbursement
  • Payment of daily allowances
  • Hotel reservations and payments
  • Booking and hiring a conference room
  • Local transport arrangements

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